NFTs collection "Passionate Women Artists"  
This collection includes unique, non-generated NFTs of different passionate woman artists hand-painted in comics art style. 
Comics are a unique medium, which can create stories in such a way that it can’t be done in any other art. You look at them and wonder how they can say so much in such limited space, even in one scene - what a treasure trove of inspiration it is for the viewer! 
Art is perfect only when you put your heart and your whole self into artistic creation. Passion is the essence of every true art. The collection „passionate woman artists“ pays tribute to all passionate woman artists and the comic art genre itself at the same time.

Michal Kratochvíl
Unlockable content includes a password with the link to the high resolution of the digitally painted original artwork.

Roadmap of „passionate artists“
- February 2022: Kick-off of the first collection „passionate woman artists“
- April/May 2022: Release of the second collection „passionate men artists“
- September 2022: Release of two new editions: “passionate women musicians” + “passionate men musicians”
- October-November 2022: Voting in the community about next “passionate” topics like passionate writers/ graffiti artists/PC gamers/sport… or else? :-)
- January 2023: Release of an edition selected through community voting
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