These backgrounds are my most selling pictures on Dreamstime.
Drawing of a mascots is always fun, but making a complex illustrations is more exciting.
I really enjoyed the work on German with Moritz App, I made 24 beautiful illustrations of lessons.  
Corporate design is always a big challenge for a freelancer. I love to be in the middle of these projects and create something big that works. Cooperation with Centrum Bavaria-Bohemia was one of the best I ever had.
Every company or Event needs a poster - I am always ready to make one. :-)
Good design of books should just create a atmosphere to the content and text, but never overshadow the message of the book.
Design of exhibitions schould be clear and inventive.
Graphic and Illustrations of iOS Education Apps "German with Moritz" for iPad and "Look, listen, lean German! Flashcards" for iPhone.
Outdoor needs to reduce the message on minimum.
Not only the webdesign itself, CSS and HTML are my Fields too.
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